Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Here are somethings that I learned today

You know that federal excise tax on your phone bill? That was created to tax the rich people that had telephones to pay for the Spanish-American War. Just in case you are fuzzy on your history, it happened in 1898. Guess it has been paid off because they are taking it off the phone bill and if you can apply for a refund on your 2006 federal income tax form. Next on the agenda: dealing with the local excise tax. Assholes.

Did you know that when a man says he did all of the dishes, that it really means that he did all of the dishes he needed to cook his food?

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mad said...

WTF?!? Is that really true? They had phones back then? Bastards added the tax, then forgot about it?

I notice how the Republicans shout no new taxes and all that, and yet there are new taxes every year. They just call them different things, like user fees and such. It's enough to make you want to vote Libertarian.